Improving Email Click-Through Rates with Video
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Ezra Fishman Ezra Fishman
Posted Oct 24, 2012 1 min read
Improving Email Click-Through Rates with Video
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In our recent feature, we talked about how email is a great tool for video promotion. Now, we're going to take a look at the video + email equation from a slightly different, but complementary, perspective: how video has improved our email marketing efforts.

We are constantly monitoring open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates (in addition to qualitative metrics like comments on the blog, Facebook, email responses, etc) to evaluate how well we're doing.

But a couple months ago, we decided to be a little more scientific to see just how powerful video is for increasing engagement. We did a split test using two identical emails with identical content, except one had a video as the top piece of content and the other had an illustrated graphic.

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