Ep. 62 - Lessonly President & COO, Connor Burt
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Ep. 62 - Lessonly President & COO, Connor Burt
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Hiring people for sales and training them is a huge task for any growing organization. Conner Burt, the President of Lessonly, showcases how their brand has become the powerful simple way for teams to learn and practice like never before. Conner has been responsible for growing Lessonly from 0 to 750 clients and over 2 million learners. In this episode, he shares the core of their model, its setup and scope, and their long-term plan. As a growing company, Conner also talks about their hiring process and the importance of getting their staff in a smiley environment and a fueling culture. He also discusses the tools they use for scaling Lessonly as well as the big lessons he learned from working with other key leaders.