Posted Sep 16, 2022 9 min read
How VR Teamwork Training Sets the Foundation for Success
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Struggles with unsatisfied employees? Lack of productivity?
Wondering why (according to studies) almost half of the employees think about leaving the job because of poor management?

There are a number of reasons why some companies struggle with poor teamwork and leadership. In many cases, it can be traced back to a lack of communication and trust between employees and management. This can lead to a feeling of insecurity and mistrust, which can in turn lead to employees feeling like they are not valued or heard.

Additionally, a lack of clear goals and objectives can make it difficult for employees to work together towards a common goal. Finally, a lack of training and development opportunities can leave employees feeling undervalued and unqualified, which can lead to a lack of motivation and morale. All of these factors can contribute to a cycle of poor teamwork and leadership that can be difficult to break.

Besides significantly impacting productivity, such problems also make it hard to retain highly skilled employees. And constant recruiting generates costs and disrupts the work in an organization. Built-In, a recruitment company, stated it costs around 100% to 150% of their salary to replace employees working in technical positions (source: Barry-Wehmiller)

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