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Strategies for Attribution and Storytelling in Content Marketing with David Ebner

"So I believe the true purpose of content is twofold: it serves as both an act of philanthropy and a marketing strategy for brands," says David Ebner, President of Content Workshop.

In this episode, we're joined by the one and only David Ebner, President of Content Workshop, to dive into the art and science of content marketing, covering everything from storytelling and attribution to the role of content as an act of philanthropy. David shares his unique journey from a creative writing graduate student to leading a successful content agency, emphasizing the importance of blending artistry with strategic goals while weighing in on the controversial topic of gated vs. ungated content. So grab your favorite drink and join us for a conversation that covers it all.

In this episode, you'll learn:
- Effective storytelling in content marketing involves narrative flow, hero arcs, and overcoming challenges, regardless of the subject matter
- Measuring the success of content varies but should align with the goals of providing value and building trust rather than merely driving conversions
- SEO remains vital in content strategy, but it's essential to focus on high-intent, lower-volume keywords to effectively reach target audiences

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[05:38] Content serves as value in relationships; audience matters
[09:58] Storytelling about narrative flow, arc heroes, and outcomes
[12:30] Measurement against goals, KPI work, and SEO importance
[15:49] Creative content marketers need to balance storytelling
[18:23] Artists straddle creative freedom and brand expectations
[24:11] Content is valuable, demands contact information exchange