7 Security Criteria for GenAI Sales Enablement Platforms
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Posted Apr 11, 2024 12 min read
7 Security Criteria for GenAI Sales Enablement Platforms

Generative AI (genAI) is transforming sales enablement platforms. Using the technology, these powerful platforms automate processes, increase productivity, get sales reps up to speed faster, and help create personalized buying experiences. Top features include:

GenAI Search: Lets sellers quickly find answers from peers and subject matter experts based on content within the platform.

GenAI Assessment Generator: Saves trainers time by creating assessments for sellers, allowing trainers to focus on high-impact, most relevant training information when creating assessments.

GenAI Dialog Simulator: Sales reps engage in realistic virtual role-plays to practice objection handling, value proposition delivery, and closing techniques.

GenAI Call Summarization: Provides feedback on sales call summaries, ensuring accuracy and areas for improvement.

GenAI Transcript Translation: Allows sales leaders to extract actionable insights from translated transcripts to inform regional sales strategies.

And that's just the beginning. As the technology matures, enablement platforms will gain more features to help sales teams improve processes, engage effectively with prospects and customers, and increase conversion rates, ultimately driving revenue growth.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And sales and enablement leaders must ensure the genAI tools they implement are secure and don't put their organizations at risk. Responsible organizations already consider the risk factor, but now with the passage of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, new emphasis has been placed on AI technology to ensure it is used responsibly and in a fair manner by any organization or government in the EU, regardless of where the systems are developed or deployed. That means that even businesses outside the EU must follow the Act's rules if they want to operate in Europe.

To help you understand the risks related to AI-enhanced enablement tools, I've outlined the top security concerns linked with the technology, as well as the six must-have security criteria the platform should meet.

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