12 ways your business can unlock the value of social media
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12 ways your business can unlock the value of social media

There's no denying the popularity of social media and its growing adoption among businesses. According to Forbes, 77% of businesses are using social media to connect with their customers. At the same time, not every business is leveraging social media to its full potential.

Many businesses realise that they have to be on social media just because everyone else is on it, but without knowing the value it can bring to their business. As a result, they end up with stagnant social pages and unanswered comments because their social media strategy is on the back burner (if they have one in the first place).

Even among the businesses that do use social media, their usage is more one-dimensional and may be limited to just marketing. But social media can do so much more for your business. Here are 12 ways to unlock the true value of social media for your business.

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