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I got tired of the rat race.

So after 7 years working as a marketer for SaaS tech companies, I quit and started my own biz. ✌️

I now help SaaS startups grow with digital marketing. My clients include up-and-coming Y Combinator startups as well as some of the fastest-growing companies in the world — like Hopin. Here's what Hopin says about me:

"Liz has been an invaluable asset to the Hopin marketing team. She's easy to work with, fast, and one of the best content writers we know — from email marketing to ad copy to content.”

I'm an expert in:

👉 Email marketing
👉 Copywriting
👉 Content marketing
👉 Demand generation

I take a research-based and data-backed approach to copywriting and marketing.

The result: More money for your business.

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