Rick Elenbaas

Rick Elenbaas

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A senior SEO specialist with over 10 years SEO experience at both agency and client side, I have an industry scarce combination of subject expertise and seasoned leadership.

My SEO offering is one of the most bespoke in Australia. I have developed an audit-first approach to SEO strategies, without rely heavily on automated third party software and unfounded ‘best practice’ claims.

In the past, I have worked for large corporate organisations, as well as start-up agencies. I have experience in working with sales teams, most recently at Siteimprove, where I analysed client situations and brought tailored solutions to the table that helped the sales team close the deal.

Clients, including internal stakeholders, have always been at my forefront. I love building strong relationships with my clients, based on trust, expertise and honesty. It’s always a great satisfaction to achieve the results set out in my SEO forecasts.