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What Is Project Risk Management?

► CEO Coach: Help CEOs, founders, and investment professionals maximize their professional and personal performance and growth.

✅ Coach 11 CEOs in a group and many 1-on-1. Many run large family businesses. Specialize in CEO issues.
✅ Sample areas of expertise include leadership, communication, talent management, relationships, and health.
✅ Referred by VC and PE firms to their CEOs/founders, and by schools like Stanford and Dartmouth Tuck to their alumni leaders.
✅ TheStretchFive.com


► Board Member: Diverse member with expertise in finance, leadership, strategy, communication, and data analytics.

✅ Have served on The Private Placement Group’s advisory board since 2014.
✅ Certified in governance by the Private Directors Association.


► Speaker: Deliver high-value takeaways through unique expertise and a memorable speaking style that inspire leaders to improve performance outcomes.

✅ Speaking since 2009 with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.
✅ Past audiences include Goldman Sachs, Balyasny, and Columbia Business School.
✅ Accepted to become a speaker to CEOs in YPO.
✅ 3 core speaking topics: leadership, communication, and talent management.



⭐ 9 years on Wall St. at Goldman Sachs and two hedge funds, Balyasny and Karsch. Became a partner at 25 and was the managing director of investments in consumer companies while the firm doubled assets.
⭐ 9 years using data science to advise Indiana Pacers executives on trades, draft picks, and free agents, and the coaches on game strategies.
⭐ Part owner of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Double-A Minor League Baseball team until it was sold. Part of the ownership group for a potential Major League Soccer team.
⭐ Earned a BA from Stanford with highest honors for academic excellence from Stanford’s Latino community.
⭐ Gave over 1000 pro-bono career coaching sessions with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.
⭐ Fund partner of Social Venture Partners to support Sacramento charities.



► ✉ [email protected] . Respectfully, please no messages selling marketing / lead gen services.