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Every person online has their own subconscious/ conscious list of content sources mapped to a subset of their overall information needs.

I like to call these sources content destinations and am so fascinated with the power it holds for any content marketing program that I wrote an entire article on it. You can check it out here 👉

For example, ever since I chose to pay more attention to my habits, James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter has become a must-read for me every Thursday.

Whenever I want to learn more about SEO, I visit the Ahrefs blog.

Whenever I need want some tips on wealth and success, I visit Naval’s Twitter profile.

Basically, I have an extensive list of go-to content sources that I visit based on my information needs.

You may be thinking – “What if I can become a content destination for my target audience for a subset of their information needs. That can do wonders more for my content marketing program.” Yes, it will.

This is where my 5+ years of expertise as a content marketing strategist comes in.

I can help turn your unknown SaaS blog into a go-to content destination for your target audience that they would visit to meet their content needs on topics that your product/ service can help with.

This is made possible with my suite of content destination journey services. 📗

✅ SaaS Content strategy
✅ SaaS Content writing and design
✅ SaaS Content distribution and promotion
✅ SaaS Content performance measurement and analytics
✅ SaaS Content CRO
✅ SaaS Content optimization

⭐️ Becoming a content destination should be your long-term content marketing program’s goal and we can together embark on that journey. ⭐️

💬 Just send me a direct message or connection request here on LinkedIn and we can get our discussion going.

Happy SaaS Content Marketing! 😊