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Ryan Law Claimed
VP of Content at Animalz - We're hiring! ✨
I’m a content marketer that’s worked with a whole heap of startups and enterprise companies, including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, ProfitWell and Hotjar. I’m currently Director of Marketing at the remote marketing agency Animalz. Before that, I co-founded a marketing agency, freelanced as a marketing consultant and copywriter, reviewed beers, designed t-shirts and tended bar.
Conner Jones Claimed
Content Marketing Manager
Experienced Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and technology industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Microsoft Word, News Writing, Adobe Suite and WordPress.
Elizabeth Irvine Claimed
VP of Marketing at MarketMuse
Inbound marketer with 14+ years of experience in enterprise and startup environments. Deep experience in lead generation, content marketing, landing page creation and optimization, and email marketing. Proven strength in increasing brand awareness through social media, event marketing, and partnership outreach. Areas of expertise: ✔ Content marketing ✔ Data & web analytics ✔ Audience segmentation ✔ Email marketing ✔ A/B testing ✔ Lead generation ✔ Budget management ✔ Copywriting ✔ SEO ✔ Social media ✔ Landing page creation & optimization ✔ Google Analytics ✔ WordPress
Tracey Wallace
Director of content @ Klaviyo | Creator of Contentment @ Workweek
A journalist turned content marketer, I work with tech companies to tell customer-focused stories that win hearts and minds. From long-form blogs and white papers to webinars and online conferences, there are few content formats me and my teams haven’t produced—typically with very few resources. I’ve relied on SEO for distribution at some companies, worked closely with sales enablement at others, and always work to create impactful content programs that can serve company wide campaign needs across channels and departments. Content is your company’s thought leadership. It should drive traffic and leads, but content is more than those metrics. It’s also about how often sales folks include it in their pitches. How long those prospects linger on specific pages. It’s about thing your brand values back to your product, and in a way that gets you industry talking (and feeling!). It’s video. It’s the written word. It’s research. It’s infographics. It’s about engagement—at every stage in the funnel, so that converting them to the next stage is easier and quicker than if they hadn’t engaged. Content is the heart of tech companies, the storyline behind their differentiation, their values in action, their WoM captured and told anew. I work closely with PMM, demand gen, brand, sales, creative and customer service teams to keep a pulse on the market and our customer, to move quickly to tell stories—but not so quickly as to overlook the need for design, UX and interactivity. My content teams are strategic service organizations—increasing the efficiency the marketing and sales funnel every chance we get.
Mitch Causey Claimed
CEO at Demandwell, WE'RE HIRING!
My philosophy for life and for marketing are the same. Do the right things right. In business, I have applied this to organic lead generation in both B2B & B2C markets for customers of all shapes and sizes, including multiple Fortune 100 companies. Outside of my work, I’m a Christ follower, husband, and dad of 2 boys. I love boating, cycling, and SCUBA diving. I don’t believe in strangers. If we don't know each other, I’d love to meet you!
Stephen Jeske Claimed
Senior Content Strategist at MarketMuse
Content strategy, content planning, and editorial.