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Nick Bennett Claimed
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder of TACK | Empowering B2B Companies with People-First GTM Strategies | Host of The Anonymous Marketer Podcast | Creator | Championing the creator economy in B2B
I have co-founded a new business called TACK with Mark Kilens who is ex-hubspot and ex-drift, to bring people-first GTM strategies to B2B companies today. I am also a creator and that is a huge passion of mine. Currently writing a book on the creator economy in B2B.
Drew Beechler Claimed
CEO & Founder at
Drew Beechler is the CEO and Co-Founder of Holder, a CRM and community management platform for NFT projects. Prior to Holder, Drew led marketing at High Alpha helping co-found and launch over 30 startups, including Zylo, MetaCX, Docket, Casted, Bolster, Mandolin, Demandwell, Filo, and many more. Drew began his career as a part of the Orr Fellowship and spent his early career at ExactTarget and Salesforce.
Ali Schwanke Claimed
CEO & Founder at Simple Strat | Host of HubSpot Hacks | Podcast Producer
Marketing Strategist, HubSpot Enthusiast, and all around B2B content creator. Host of the popular YouTube Tutorial series "HubSpot Hacks". Podcast co-host of Marketing Unboxed, and podcast producer for the Medical Sales Accelerator.
Alexa Parker Claimed
Entrepreneur | Founder/CEO | Crimson Park Digital
After over 10 years in the digital marketing and media space, I am a marketer driven by results, innovation, and opportunity. As the owner and lead strategist of Crimson Park Digital, I bring my passion for performance to every client partnership, and apply targeted strategies backed by data and the human experience.
Stephanie Cox
President at Lumavate | Host of Real Marketers Podcast | Speaker
Here’s what you really need to know about me: I ask forgiveness, not permission. I don’t have the patience for a bunch of red tape. I’m a recovering perfectionist who believes you should “ship” new initiatives as fast as possible and constantly iterate on them based on the data. Speed > Perfection. I have an endless amount of crazy ideas and I enjoy challenging what’s possible. Ask anyone who has ever worked with me. I use the Oxford comma, love Coke, and hate crappy design. I speak candidly, have exceptionally high standards, and gravitate towards people who get sh*t done. I believe in paying it forward and mentoring young talent. I’m always up for helping out other marketers, leaders, and sales reps. I don’t sugar coat it. It doesn’t help anyone to just hear the good stories. I find you learn the most when you hear what didn’t work and why. And I’ve been doing this for a long time. I have more than 15+ years of marketing and sales experience in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. I’ve pretty much done about everything in my career: launched companies, brands, new products, geographic expansion, and more. I’ve driven phenomenal growth, spoke at conferences around the world, led incredible teams, and I’m just getting started.
Jonathan Palmer
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo
I'm a proud employee of Klaviyo, a digital marketing software that empowers 80,000+ brands to deliver amazing experiences across email and other owned channels. After securing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Sports Management, I started my career in B2C & B2B sales and quickly expanded to digital marketing and e-commerce. As early employee at HYLETE, a digitally native fitness apparel brand, I cut my teeth in email marketing. I quickly surpassed all industry benchmarks and eventually became Marketing Director where I knit together customer data across all channels to deliver personalized and well-timed messaging that drove growth and retention. While at HYLETE, I leveraged Klaviyo to drive over 50% of the brand's revenue through owned channels. After seeing the power of Klaviyo first hand, I joined their Product Marketing Team, with the ultimate goal of helping Klaviyo and its customers grow. Today, I continue to follow my passion for continued learning and being on the tip of the spear in all things e-commerce and digital marketing.