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Ben Kazinik Claimed
Content @Mayple, Connecting Brands + World's Top Marketers | eCommerce Growth Mentor
I'm an experienced well-rounded marketing manager. I grew a B2C home decor company to over $1M in annual revenue. I worked for several SAAS B2B companies managing email marketing, content marketing, and affiliates. I've created and managed blogs, affiliate programs, referral programs, influencers, cold email outreach and social media. I have a deep passion for CRO, A/B testing and UI/UX. I'm a humble self-starter, quick learner. Here is my content writing portfolio - 🙌 Email me - [email protected]
Jason Bradwell Claimed
Senior Director, Group Marketing and Communications at Deltatre
B2B marketing is broken. I'm on a mission to try and fix it. After a decade developing strategies for everything from niche consultancy firms to enterprise technology businesses, I love working with brands to build audiences - something I consider to be the last competitive marketing advantage left. As Senior Director of Group Marketing and Communications at Deltatre, I've helped position the company as one of the most influential providers of sport and media tech through content marketing, organic social and employee advocacy. I share some of my learnings on how to do better marketing in my weekly newsletter, The B2B Bite, and interview other amazing audience builders on my podcast, B2B Better.
Ethan Beute Claimed
Wall Street Journal bestseller: Human-Centered Communication 📖 Learn to break through ever-increasing digital noise and pollution, build trust and engagement, and grow reputation and revenue.
Goals: 👋🏾 To help you communicate, connect, and convert in a more personal and human way ☀️ To wake up every day excited to make things and to make things more effective 👪 To invest in my family 🌳 To be outside 💰 To require less, spend less, and give more 🌎 To leave things better than I found them Specialty Short List: 🎧 Podcast host - The Customer Experience Podcast. 🎓 Educator - content writer, producer, and editor; speaker and presenter. 📙 Author - Rehumanize Your Business (Wiley, 2019). 📒 Author - Human-Centered Communication (Fast Company Press, 2021). 🔬 Marketing strategist. Messaging specialist. Branding enthusiast. 🎯 Multi-channel and multi-media campaign builder. Specialty Longer List: Content creation | Collaborative participation | Teaching & training | Listening | Connecting goals to strategies to tactics | Short form promotional messaging | Speaking - particularly when well-versed and personally passionate about the topic | Writing - particularly with brevity and clarity | Quipping | Collecting, arranging, processing and editing words and images | Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop | Also, I've run TONS of email marketing to engage, educate, and nurture. Brief History: After a year of driving a full-sized school bus to two dozen cities (story in the Experience section of my profile), I spent a dozen years leading marketing teams inside local television stations in Grand Rapids (MI), Chicago, and Colorado Springs. As boredom with the work crept in, I earned an MBA and did project work for a variety of companies to explore interests and identify transferrable skills. In that process, I connected deeply with the team and mission of a bootstrapped software startup, BombBomb. When I joined BombBomb, we had fewer than 10 employees. Since then, we've enjoyed +2,000% growth in team size, +32,000% growth in customer size, and +52,000% growth in revenue. We're a team of 125 people (based in downtown Colorado Springs but also distributed) who are on a mission to rehumanize people who've been dehumanized by system or circumstance; we're funding the effort by helping people rehumanize their business communication with video email and video messages. I've now spent a decade helping people enjoy clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion by replacing some of their faceless, digital communication with simple, personal video messages in emails, text messages, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, and similar. I've sent more than 14,000 videos myself and co-authored two (and a half) books on the what, why, who, when, and how of this "relationships through video" movement. #CustomerExperience #HumanConnection #HumanCentered #SalesProcess #VideoTraining #VideoTips
Jess Bahr Claimed
Award-winning marketer living in the Venn diagram overlap of data, tech, and marketing.
In a poll of 12 coworkers who provided 84 words, the most frequently used to describe me were: Ambitious Analytical Smart Dedicated Driven Bright Affable Supportive Uplifting Kind +74 more --- You can think of Jess as a marketing scientist: always testing the latest theories and techniques then sharing those findings with the world! She works with B2B tech companies to drive growth through a holistic growth strategy rooted in social and in-bound initiatives. In previous positions, Jess has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies and publishers to drive revenue and meet business goals using paid and organic social tactics. Brands include BBC, The Economist, Hulu, AMC, IFC, Viacom, Conde Nast, Bloomberg, Time Inc, Spotify for Brands, Microsoft, Madwell, Barnes & Noble, etc.
Mitch Causey Claimed
CEO at Demandwell, WE'RE HIRING!
My philosophy for life and for marketing are the same. Do the right things right. In business, I have applied this to organic lead generation in both B2B & B2C markets for customers of all shapes and sizes, including multiple Fortune 100 companies. Outside of my work, I’m a Christ follower, husband, and dad of 2 boys. I love boating, cycling, and SCUBA diving. I don’t believe in strangers. If we don't know each other, I’d love to meet you!
Conner Jones Claimed
Content Marketing Manager
Experienced Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and technology industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Microsoft Word, News Writing, Adobe Suite and WordPress.
Stephen Jeske Claimed
Senior Content Strategist at MarketMuse
Content strategy, content planning, and editorial.
Chris Savage
Founder, CEO at Wistia, Inc
I get excited (and loud) about building things. I like to be surrounded by passionate, smart, and driven people. Fortunately, this happens every day with the amazing team at Wistia. Specialities: Startups, Marketing, Analytics, Video Things I get excited about: Creative brands, Disruptive business models, Cold brew coffee, and Work/life balance. Speaking of getting excited about things, I have a new podcast out called Talking Too Loud. I get to talk to some of the greatest minds behind today’s most innovative brands to hear how they’re overcoming business challenges and learn about the things that inspire them. Listen here →
Mark Kilens Claimed
CEO and Co-founder of TACK⛵️ & ClubPF ⚓️ — People-first GTM Champion
Mark Kilens is the CEO and Co-founder of TACK, a media and on demand GTM services firm helping businesses align and accelerate their go-to-market using People-first GTM strategies. He previously was CMO of Airmeet, a leading virtual and hybrid event platform. He oversees Airmeet’s global marketing team responsible for brand, demand, lifecycle, and product marketing. Before that he was the VP of Content and Community at Drift where he led the brand, content, creative, and events teams. He oversaw Drift’s community, Drift Insider, which has 65,000+ members, and Drift’s FLASH, RevGrowth, and HYPERGROWTH events. Prior to joining Drift, he served as VP of Marketing and founder of HubSpot Academy. As a former customer, Mark joined HubSpot in 2010 where he spent two years working with thousands of HubSpot customers to scale their inbound strategy. From there, he went on to build HubSpot Academy from the ground up, and in doing so, educated and certified millions of people and helped grow HubSpot to more than $600 million in revenue. When he’s not at Airmeet, Mark enjoys plenty of steak and lobster, a round of golf or two, and loves being on snow or in the ocean. Go fast, take chances!
Sam Jacobs Claimed
Founder and CEO of Pavilion
I am focused on helping people unlock and achieve their professional potential. That's a fancy way of saying I believe there is greatness within all of us and sometimes it just needs a mechanism through which it can be brought forth. And it's the reason I founded Pavilion — a global community for leaders of all levels dedicated to providing support, assistance, education, and career growth. We bootstrapped to $10M in ARR before taking on a $25M growth financing round in early 2021, led by Elephant Ventures and GTM Fund. Prior to Pavilion, I spent 15 years as a senior revenue leader at VC-backed companies in the New York area including Gerson Lehrman Group, Axial, Livestream/Vimeo, The Muse, and Behavox. I also host the Sales Hacker Podcast.