Meet the Spiff Team: Chapter Six
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Rachel Cravit Rachel Cravit
Matt Gahr Matt Gahr
Connor Shlatz Connor Shlatz
John Arsenault John Arsenault
Dustin Carpe Dustin Carpe
Sarah Alaguretnam Sarah Alaguretnam
Rob Thompson Rob Thompson
Sarah Barlow Sarah Barlow
Felicity Jones Felicity Jones
Gabriel Portis Gabriel Portis
Mindy Tolbert Mindy Tolbert
Brandyn Bennet Brandyn Bennet
Brent Showerman, MSW, MPA Brent Showerman, MSW, MPA
Alison Varney Alison Varney
Byron Garvin Byron Garvin
Jason Pearson Jason Pearson
Diego Cardona Diego Cardona
Samuel Blanco Samuel Blanco
Jeffrey Robertson Jeffrey Robertson
Posted Sep 19, 2022 13 min read
Meet the Spiff Team: Chapter Six

Welcome to our meet the team series. Here are some of the faces behind the Spiff brand– that way, you can put a face to the name so to speak.

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