Sales Strategy Mistakes and How to Fix Them
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Jeremy Donovan Jeremy Donovan
Posted May 7, 2019 7 min read
Sales Strategy Mistakes and How to Fix Them
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  Your sales strategy is as much science as art. The secret is to understand how to improve the way customers buy, renew, and get retained. Jeremy Donovan, Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy at SalesLoft, the sales engagement platform that helps you understand your customers' needs and respond in meaningful ways, is an expert in sales strategy. His top level priority, especially in B2B, is all about the customer's return on investment. A prospect needs to trust that you are the right partner to help them achieve whatever their most pressing business initiative is.   If this philosophy and approach resonates with you and if you're looking for insights gleaned from the data of billions of sales touches, then this episode is for you! Jeremy walks through common mistakes in sales strategy and sales process and shares ideas to help you avoid or fix those problems.   Sales Strategy Mistakes and How to Fix Them To hear this episode and others like it, subscribe to The Customer Experience Podcast in Apple Podcasts. You can also listen in at Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher. And, of course, I also embed a recording of each episode into its companion blog posts ...

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