Is "Audience Research" a Niche Marketing Activity?
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Posted Jun 6, 2023
Is "Audience Research" a Niche Marketing Activity?
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I'm tired of marketers saying that they don't do audience research or that the practice of studying the target audience for their marketing campaigns is "niche". I don't believe it, I think this assumption needs to change, and here's my case for it.

If you're doing any marketing, you have to know who you're marketing to, right? If it's digital marketing, then you have to know: who are you marketing to and what do they do online?

That's it. That's audience research.

So I think part of the gap with "audience research" is terminology. We don't use that term, so we think that we don't do those activities in our marketing work. But so much of what we consider market research, competitor research, customer research.... a lot of it overlaps with looking into the audiences for our marketing content. And that, my friends, is indeed audience research.

00:00 - Intro
00:13 - Is "Audience Research" Niche?
02:03 - First Reason, Terminology
03:18 - Second Reason, No Marketing Foundations
04:43 - Should We Learn Marketing Fundamentals?
06:39 - Why Marketers Need To Change
07:15 - Customer Research Isn't Enough
07:51 - Conclusion

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