#74: How to Promote Company Culture Through Clever Marketing w/ Max Yoder and Kyle Lacy of Lessonly
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#74: How to Promote Company Culture Through Clever Marketing w/ Max Yoder and Kyle Lacy of Lessonly

A well-defined company culture serves several purposes. First, it lays out the values that drive the company's success. Second, it helps employees understand how to create that success. Third, it tells the world what makes the company unique. That last point is the focus of this episode of the Igniting Startup podcast. We explore how to promote company culture as a unique part of your overall marketing strategy.
We've brought on two experts to help us dive into the subject today. Max Yoder, CEO, and Kyle Lacy, vice president of marketing, are two of the bright minds behind Lessonly, an Indianapolis startup that creates web-based learning software for organizations of all sizes. By hard-wiring company values like "do better work" and "share before you're ready" into their product and marketing, Lessonly sells its customers a philosophy as well as a training solution. Max and Kyle have successfully transformed Lessonly's culture into a movement that has culminated in Max's new book, Do Better Work, releasing next month.
Max, Kyle, and I talk in-depth on how to promote company culture and the marketing strategies that have gotten Lessonly to where it is today. We discuss how to build an extraordinary culture in the first place, and how to intentionally and intelligently market that culture to customers. You'll also get a taste of what to expect in Max's upcoming book and a preview of the talk that Kyle will deliver as one of the presenters at our MarTech Madness Pitch Night on February 28.
In this episode on how to promote company culture with Lessonly executives Max Yoder and Kyle Lacy, you'll learn:
--- The importance of building your marketing around your company's why.
--- How marketing your culture can differentiate your company from competitors.
--- Why your product should provide more than just ROI for customers.
--- When writing a book might be a good marketing strategy for your company.
--- How to build a culture that encourages trust, honesty and creativity.
--- The story behind Lessonly's Ollie Llama mascot and Golden Llama award.
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