The Future Of RevOps Automation and World Domination
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 Ali Rastiello Ali Rastiello
Posted May 16, 2024 5 min read
The Future Of RevOps Automation and World Domination

Ali Rastiello is a seasoned expert in RevOps and a valued Openprise customer. She joins us as a guest author with a wealth of experience and keen insights into evolving trends. Ali shares her invaluable perspectives and innovative RevOps approaches that promise to blend her expertise with actionable advice.

When people ask me what I do, and I tell them my job title, they usually look at me a little like a confused puppy. Head slightly cocked, eyebrow raised, trying to process the words I've said. They understand each of them but aren't sure what they mean when put together in terms of a RevOps Automation job function.

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