How to Answer, "What's the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program "
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How to Answer, "What's the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program "
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Changes outside of the marketer's control have caused a pullback of resources, headcount, and support for many marketing teams. Marketers are being asked to do more with less and goals are bigger than ever before. The content marketing programs that we've built to get attention, drive awareness, create interest, and establish trust are being scrutinized because of the struggle to tie that work to revenue related outcomes. Instead of scrambling to answer the question, "What's the ROI of our content marketing program?" it's time to start communicating with conviction about content marketing's impact on the bottom line.

In this event, Sangram Vajre (Co-founder, CEO - GTM Partners), Thomas Peham (VP of Marketing - Storyblok), Nate Turner (Co-founder, CEO - Ten Speed), and Amrita Mathur (VP of Marketing - Superside) discuss how marketers can escape the endless cycle of digging for credit to prove the value of our content program. This discussion gives actionable advice on how to communicate content's impact on your company's revenue goals.

This event features individual breakouts where the speakers address a specific topic connected with Content ROI and allows for Q&A.

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