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I am passionate about Customer Experience since always, more generally I am passionate about happiness of people, as humans, as citizens and as customers. At school times I founded and ran a school magazine, whose most popular section was a student happiness meter, whose results we analyzed and used to make improvement proposals in different areas of the school. I extended this project to my city (Monza), by creating a Citizen Satisfaction project in collaboration with the most popular local online journal.

I studied Philosophy at the University and made a master in Customer Experience and Market Research.

Professionally I have been designing and running for many years Global Customer Experience programs for the top players in the retail industry, in almost every sector: fashion, automotive, food, jewelry. I have been working in contact and collaboration with the highest management levels of above mentioned brands and helped them to make their customers journey an efficient, easy and pleasant experience, which means having customers more willing to buy and go back in their stores.

I am passionate, creative and with strong communication skills. I am highly experienced in coordinating multiple departments and compromising among different internal needs (IT, Operations, Finance and etc.) and clients' needs. I love analyzing the CX with a 360 degree approach and find those small, simple gaps which can really make the difference.