Sales Assembly Top Content: May 2022 Sales Assembly Top Content: May 2022 Sales Assembly Top Content: May 2022 Sales Assembly Top Content: May 2022
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Sales Assembly Top Content: May 2022
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Should SDRs Report to Sales or Marketing? Fireside Chat with Kyle Lacy and Nicolas Vandenberghe

🔥 SIDE is a live video series hosted by Chili Piper where we bring together influencers and thought leaders with differing perspectives on hot topics and let them duke it out in a boxing ring engage in some friendly, moderated debate.

How to Get 81% Open Rates on Your Cold Outreach

Daniel Ryan gives his take on the best cold outreach tactics. Daniel explains why he focuses on sender names over subject lines and more.

When Building a B2B Community, Don't Forget the Joy

An engaged B2B community builds customer satisfaction and impacts your bottom line in terms of pipeline, retention, and revenue. Read one of the important rules of community building from 6sense's CMO, Latané Conant and download her newest ebook to learn more.

Objection Handling 101: How to Handle the Word "No" Like a Pro

Objection handling is perhaps the most difficult sales skill to master. Chili Piper makes it easy with strategies for the 9 objections you'll encounter most often.

The Go-to Guide for SalesTech: Why It's Important, Key Trends, and...

Wonder how technology can improve your sales process? Learn how the right SalesTech can benefit your team, along with best practices for implementation.

The Ultimate SaaS Product Demo Checklist

Check out the must-have checklist to present perfect product demos. From discovery to post-demo phase, all you need to know for a personalized B2B sales experience.

Consumer Packaged Goods - CPG Trends in Sales

CPG companies face a set of unique challenges. Learn trends in the CPG industry and how sales enablement can improve buyer experiences.

You Don't Suck at Sales, You're Just Forgetting to Do These 6 Things

Sales is not easy. But before you throw in the towel or convince yourself that you suck at sales, try doing these six things.

MQLs aren't the enemy and creating high-converting competitor pages | Dev Basu @ Powered by Search

In this episode, I sat down with a fellow Torontonian, Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search. The agency has been helping B2B companies grow since 2009 and Dev has seen some major shifts in the way B2B c

Podcast Episode
Modern Day Marketer: How to Do Modern Day Sales Outreach with Mindy Metz  | The Juice

Brett invites Mindy Metz from The Juice's Sales Team to discuss her modern approach to sales outreach. The days of cold emailing are long gone. Mindy thoroughly researches and studies the content of whoever she is considering reaching out to beforehand, so that they can build a personal relationship.

Podcast Episode
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