Agile vs. Scrum: A Detailed Comparison (+When to Use Each)
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Agile vs. Scrum: A Detailed Comparison (+When to Use Each)

A few years ago, the content research team at G2 Crowd underwent a significant reworking of its project management processes.

Yours truly was able to experience the pain points, hurdles and wins that the team went through as we transitioned from an almost nonexistent project management structure to a process-oriented one.

Our team saw a few iterations of tools, strategies and methodologies before landing on our current processes. We even went through a few versions of what our daily scrums should look like, which required a vetting of each team member's productivity levels.

So how did we get to our current project management process? We took a hard look at what was working and what wasn't when it came to efficiencies and productivity, and decided to take a leaf out of our development team's book.


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