Sales Fails: "I photoshopped my sales manager's head on someone else's body... and he saw it"
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Sales Fails: "I photoshopped my sales manager's head on someone else's body... and he saw it"

I am someone who is passionate about technology and business. I have 7 years of business tech experience working between broad range of domains and got my knack in software development. At my free time I enjoy learning about anything Internet related, such as making the newest slick web application, exploring the new media, or hone up my algorithm skill.

I want to make a positive impact to people not just around me, but around my community, and overcome adversary with empathy, optimism, community, resilience and order. And be a contributing member of delivering some great softwares, whether it's building, or managing. And mastering the whole process from the technical side to the business side, and be a leader in the field of software. And maybe gain enough self-enhancing values on the side that can matches the level of impacts I make.

I am currently pursuing the Applied Web Development certificate in BCIT and after I am finished I am planning to take the Applied Software Development certificate. I am a newly Project Management Institute member, as I do not want to lag behind with my engagement with the business domain.

Here is the rundown of my skills as developer:

Client-side: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angularjs, React,SASS, Typescript, Webpack and babel, Angular 2+

Server-side: Laravel(PHP), ASP.NET Core, Java, C++(Unreal Engine), Nodejs(Javascript), Codeigniter(PHP), Django(Python)

Database: MongoDB, MS Server, MySQL

DevOps: Azure, Git, BitBucket, Git Extension

Business: Sales, IT Project management, business analysis and requirement gathering, user training, attention to detail, customer service, MS Excel, Visio, Google Analytics, Microsoft Project

Update in 2021: I have decided to translate my technical know-how and bring my capability and my experience to an profitable industry, and later on learn about the busienss-domain and become a subject-matter expert as well as a technical specialist for the industry

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