Top Trends in Patient Engagement Solutions
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Top Trends in Patient Engagement Solutions
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Health care behaviors have adopted consumerism realities from other industries-and for good reason. Patients now understand the role they play in their own health management. They can find and write reviews on a provider as they do so for a restaurant, job interview process, or vacation activity. They expect their health care provider to utilize similar technology as other customer service-oriented business (e.g., mobile health applications and telemedicine).

As a result, care delivery has evolved. Recent regulation and legislation has patients' best interest in mind. It's no longer acceptable to prioritize patients with the biggest ROI. Patients are no longer solely dependent on their provider. Technology is woven in patients' everyday lives, naturally they expect it in their interactions with health care institutions.

The evolution of patient engagement solutions acknowledges that health care is not one-size-fits-all. Proactive patient to provider communication happens when patients are equipped with tools that allow them to explore different methods of communication and health management.

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