Beyond metrics: How Notion measures the value of its 'helpful' content
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Daniel Bean Daniel Bean
Posted May 16, 2024 8 min read
Beyond metrics: How Notion measures the value of its 'helpful' content

All companies produce some kind of content, whether that's in the form of a blog, videos, or social media posts-but what are most of them really getting out of these efforts?

Some teams might be happy with just earning organic website traffic. Others might be getting an occasional click on the "Contact Sales" button. But how can teams know that they're being truly helpful to customers, prospects, potential partners, and other people consuming their content?

Drew Evans, Notion's Content Lead, knows there's value in creating helpful content-pieces that provide readers with expert insights on things like maximizing productivity. And he also understands it can be challenging to measure the performance of some of that content. As the Content Lead at Mixpanel, I was excited to chat with Drew about how Notion approaches content marketing and how they measure the value of their content (even when getting hard numbers isn't realistic).

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