How G2 Helps Supply Chain Vendors Seize Market Momentum
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How G2 Helps Supply Chain Vendors Seize Market Momentum
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The COVID-19 pandemic permanently altered the fabric of society, and the supply chain is no exception. Throughout 2020 and 2021, inventory management tools dominated the industry to combat chronic stockouts due to surging demand and international discrepancies in COVID-19 safety protocols.

However, the eruption of geopolitical tension in Ukraine created a new paradigm: the need for visibility into the transportation of raw materials, parts, and finished goods across the entire supply chain process. It's more important than ever for logistics professionals to find the best transportation model that considers disrupted trade routes and fractured supplier networks throughout Russia and Ukraine.

Two types of software that best solve this problem are supply chain visibility (SCV) software and transportation management systems (TMS), and G2 data confirms the market's interest in resolving new barriers toward economic stability with these tools.

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