Employee Identity Theft Protection Software Helps Combat Cyber Threats
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Employee Identity Theft Protection Software Helps Combat Cyber Threats
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At G2, we have a tiny but mighty software category for Employee Identity Theft Protection. This software category was created back in March of 2020, and at the time, we couldn't quite decide where to put this in G2's category taxonomy.

At its inception, identity theft protection was a consumer product, but vendors in the space began to package up this functionality and sell it as a B2B offering to company benefit administrators as a new employee benefit. So, this software was listed under G2's overarching HR Software category. However, there has been a subtle shift in the market where employee identity theft protection software providers are now catering to InfoSec leaders. Security seems to be the more natural home for this kind of software, so it has now been moved under the umbrella of G2's Security Software categories.

As of today, we have only 18 products and barely a handful of user reviews. Nevertheless, this article aims to inform InfoSec teams about its potential uses as part of an effective corporate security program.

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