Get Ready for 2024 Email Deliverability Compliance Changes
Posted Nov 29, 2023 • 3 min read
Get Ready for 2024 Email Deliverability Compliance Changes

Email marketing is a constantly shifting landscape. Service providers like Google and Yahoo regularly update guidelines and evolve their standards to protect their email account holders. If you're using email as a marketing channel, you need to stay abreast of these 2024 email deliverability compliance changes to avoid a negative impact on your campaigns.

For 2024, one significant change looms on the horizon: Google, Yahoo and other mailbox providers are making sender guideline updates scheduled to take effect in February 2024. These changes are designed to enhance email security, improve user experience, and ensure that emails reaching users' inboxes are not only relevant but also safe. Read on to find out what's changing, and how you can respond generally, and specifically in the Act-On platform if you're a current customer.

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