Collab Tech and Its Impact on Who Gets to Work Remotely
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Collab Tech and Its Impact on Who Gets to Work Remotely
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Collaboration software was already a hot topic, then the COVID-19 outbreak happened.

Workforces across the globe are adjusting to the new remote work reality we live in. Many companies are scrambling to fill gaps in their collaboration and communication software stack, finally realizing how necessary these tools are in modern business.

It certainly feels like working from home would be impossible without mainstay video conferencing, cloud content collaboration, or business instant messaging solutions. That's not an unfair feeling, either. Companies that rely on cloud software are having an easier time implementing work from home policies, an impossible feat for those relying on on-premises solutions locked to their physical office. This allows them to continue doing business without showing up to the office and protect the well-being of their employees and communities.

But the modern necessity of software in business comes with dire implications for America's poorest.

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