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I left corporate America and founded LDK Advisory Services in 2014 because I felt there are far too many sales methodologies, trainings, and content that deliver a "one size fits all" approach. These so-called trainings and overly theoretical methodologies set revenue leaders and their sellers up to fail miserably. I simply could not bring myself to "templatize" my clients.

Sales people have one of the most difficult jobs, today. They need someone in their corner to be a staunch advocate for their success. I am devoted to helping remove obstacles in sales professionals' path - even if, sometimes, they are in standing in their own way. That's where compassionate coaching comes in.

If you want to create some change in the near term, you can show sales people what they have to do. If you want to create lasting, positive change in behavior, you have to teach sales professionals how to think in a way that will help them achieve their greatest potential.

I believe the only way that sales enablement activities really work and stick is when they are highly customized and personalized based on a unique sales team in a distinct culture. If people and culture don't support sales enablement programs, they just won't work.

That's why I am here, to help sales leaders create high performing sales organizations that are fueled by the culture and designed to accelerate growth.

Sales Enablement consultant and sales performance coach with over 20 years experience in B2B Sales, Sales Support and Sales Enablement. Working with visionary Senior Sales Leaders to develop high-performance sales teams with the knowledge, skill and will to drive profitable growth.

Areas of Expertise:
Psychology in Sales: Psyched2Sell Sales Training
Sales Enablement
Sale Performance Coaching
Sales New Hire Onboarding
Transforming Transactional Sales Professionals to Consultative Sellers

Within my business, I leverage the Sales IQ eLearning platform. It is a leading sales enablement solution for B2B selling, which enables me to use blended online, face-to-face learning and coaching. I have chosedn to be a Gold Partner for Sales IQ because I know it serves B2B sales professionals in their learning and development journey. The Sales IQ model incorporates best practice adult learning principles to improve results across four key domains: Creating pipeline, winning opportunities, growing and retaining customers, and leading teams. Review my Sales IQ partner page here:

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