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Sam Senior Claimed
Co-Founder & CEO at TestBox
Masooma Memon Claimed
Freelance writer for B2B SaaS and ecommerce brands | Avid reader | To-do list obsessed
The first time my writing ever got recognized was in third grade when I won a writing competition. From there on, my path was crystal clear. It was either writing that would be my future or making it to Mars. Literally. I didn’t make it to Mars though. Flash forward to my adult version and I’m a freelance writer who doesn’t like dog-eared books and prefers working in silence, adding life to boring topics. I work with folks interested in tapping into quality content to educate and engage with their audience. I pair storytelling and research with a pinch of emotion to write engaging long-form blog posts and articles covering productivity, digital marketing, and other important matters like customer experience and UX design. As a content writer, my focus doesn’t sway from: • Subtle keyword insertion in the content • Extensive research backing all claims made • Crisp writing minus the fluff and plagiarism To me, there is nothing as good as beautiful writing which is why my love for reading storybooks in a corner while the other kids played has evolved into a love for novels. Oh and before I drop the mic, I’ve one last thing to add: Hello and welcome to my world of words. How can I help you? Shoot me an email at [email protected]
Nate Nasralla Claimed
Sell with your buyers, not to them I Writing and templates for enterprise sales teams
Selling with buyers (not to them) is my jam 🤟🏼 If you're an AE or sales leader focused on enterprise sales, complex sales, or landing larger B2B sales, you'll see how to make this shift if you follow me. And, you'll find my content is different from most. You see, I don't believe sales reps close deals. Buyers do. That's because the make-or-break moments in a complex deal happen without sales reps in the room. Buying decisions are made during internal meetings — not sales meetings — when champions pitch their own team, in their own words. So the content, frameworks, and downloads I post help you build champions, and enable them with a clear, compelling message to sell with you. About Me: 3X sales leader, 2X startup founder, lover of dark chocolate and chocolate labs 🐾
Sam Jacobs Claimed
Founder and CEO of Pavilion
I am focused on helping people unlock and achieve their professional potential. That's a fancy way of saying I believe there is greatness within all of us and sometimes it just needs a mechanism through which it can be brought forth. And it's the reason I founded Pavilion — a global community for leaders of all levels dedicated to providing support, assistance, education, and career growth. We bootstrapped to $10M in ARR before taking on a $25M growth financing round in early 2021, led by Elephant Ventures and GTM Fund. Prior to Pavilion, I spent 15 years as a senior revenue leader at VC-backed companies in the New York area including Gerson Lehrman Group, Axial, Livestream/Vimeo, The Muse, and Behavox. I also host the Sales Hacker Podcast.
Molly Clarke
VP, Digital Marketing at Spiff Inc
Results-driven marketing professional with proven success generating high-quality leads, driving website traffic, and creating lucrative marketing campaigns to achieve both brand- and revenue-based marketing goals.
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