Rethink Your B2B Strategy: Interruption vs. Destination Marketing
Posted Dec 18, 2022
Rethink Your B2B Strategy: Interruption vs. Destination Marketing
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Should you spend your budget on paid ads or organic marketing?

Think about the dynamic that advertising promotes between your brand and your audience. Your ideal customer is online, trying to get from point A (a search or their feed) to point B (an answer to their question, learning something new, conversation, or simple entertainment).

In this case, your marketing is working to STOP that person from getting to point B. Instead, you interrupt their process and beg for their attention. Your marketing is functioning as a wall between A and B, an interruption.

What if there's another way?
Destination marketing begins from a radically different approach. You aren't trying to disrupt or trick your prospective customers. Instead: you encourage them to find you.

Remember, your user is trying to get from point A to point B. So you determine what that point B would be (what question do they have, what answer they are looking for, what do they want to learn or be entertained by) and instead of getting in the way..... you try to become that point B.

Your marketing will bring better results once you begin crafting content that your audience will actually want to see.

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