Hustle Bro Culture Is Making Our Content Shallow
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Posted Mar 7, 2023 9 min read
Hustle Bro Culture Is Making Our Content Shallow
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I've got a bone to pick with viral LinkedIn marketing advice.

A lot of the posts with marketing advice that really blow up here on LinkedIn (or used to back on Twitter when I still used that platform) share a few "hustle culture" type traits:
- Unwarranted confidence
- Disdain for others
- Insistence on shallow advice
- Obsession with money
- Healthy dash of "alpha-male" BS
- All coated with a thin layer of angry delivery under the guise of "charisma".

I'm all too familiar with this mantra of "I am rich, you are poor, if you want to stop being worthless, give me money, and become my clone".

Buy my course! Use my template! Make a course about making courses, so your students can make money making courses about making courses about making courses! None of this is shaped like a Dorito, don't think too hard about it.

This approach to "marketing" and "growth" is so... icky.

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