Why SparkToro Requires A Different Marketing Approach
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Posted Apr 6, 2023 18 min read
Why SparkToro Requires A Different Marketing Approach
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The way marketers usually think of their software breaks down in front of a more unorthodox tool like SparkToro. Sure, you can run some cool searches and get fun numbers about your audience. But will you know what to do with that information?

I want to present you with a manifesto of sorts - a different approach to your marketing research and to working with your marketing technology stack.

The key to this approach? Stop searching for easy answers from your marketing tools. When you take tactical recommendations from another source (human or software), you are sacrificing a level of control within your work. To properly adapt your marketing campaigns to your business, learn how to design both strategy and tactics from scratch.

And SparkToro is one of the only marketing tools that can help you figure out both strategy and tactics. So to get value from SparkToro's audience research data, think about marketing like a cook: each data point is like a different ingredient within your kitchen and you are the chef cooking a delicious meal.