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Kirsten Markson Claimed
CMO @ Keap
Performance marketing leader that aligns teams, creates agility in process, and uses data to create new ways to connect with buyers and accelerate growth. I’ve had both in-house and agency roles, leading teams to solve core marketing and business challenges. Along the way I’ve worked with amazing clients, from large enterprises (American Express, Microsoft, The Nature Conservancy) to early-stage start-ups. I’ve led projects that put insights into action to illuminate customer needs and execute strategies that successfully optimize processes, attract attention, create loyalty, and drive conversion. 2020 Demand Gen B2B Innovator Award (Buyer-Focused Marketer Category)
Jess Bahr Claimed
Award-winning marketer living in the Venn diagram overlap of data, tech, and marketing.
In a poll of 12 coworkers who provided 84 words, the most frequently used to describe me were: Ambitious Analytical Smart Dedicated Driven Bright Affable Supportive Uplifting Kind +74 more --- You can think of Jess as a marketing scientist: always testing the latest theories and techniques then sharing those findings with the world! She works with B2B tech companies to drive growth through a holistic growth strategy rooted in social and in-bound initiatives. In previous positions, Jess has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies and publishers to drive revenue and meet business goals using paid and organic social tactics. Brands include BBC, The Economist, Hulu, AMC, IFC, Viacom, Conde Nast, Bloomberg, Time Inc, Spotify for Brands, Microsoft, Madwell, Barnes & Noble, etc.
Jonathan Gandolf Claimed
Co-Founder & CEO | The Juice
Jonathan's career path has gone from digital marketing, to craft beer, to healthcare analytics before launching into the world of entrepreneurship with The Juice. While these experiences don't seem related, a diverse skill set and unique perspective are now an advantage as their team is creating a new way to think about B2B marketing. The Juice, built to modernize B2B content marketing, solves a problem he's fought at every step of the journey.
Holly Enneking
Head of Marketing at Bolster
Holly is an experienced marketing leader who believes in the power of storytelling and finding innovative ways to communicate a brand’s value through cross-channel experiences. At Bolster, Holly oversees Marketing with an aim to amplify the Bolster brand and help startup and scaleup CEOs find the executive talent they need to scale their businesses. Prior to joining Bolster, Holly began her career in video and digital production before being a senior leader at Return Path and overseeing brand, digital, customer, and partner marketing. Outside of work, Holly loves spending time with her husband, their two kids, and their dog, Tugboat.
Meisha Bochicchio Claimed
Content Nerd @ Goldcast 🚀 | I'm really just a marketer that markets to other marketers about marketing ✨
Hey there 👋 I'm Meisha! ✍️ 9-5, I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast. As the title suggests, I manage all things content—from the content calendar and distribution strategy to partnering with other departments to support sales enablement, demand generation, and more. 🐶. 5-9, I enjoy sarcasm, responses in the form of animated gifs, dad jokes, pretending to be a wino, spending time with my furry friends, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. This is where I truly thrive. And if that's not enough, I'm also pursuing my M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University (though I'll always be a Clemson Tiger). I'm excited to be here on The Juice! 🧃 Let's be friends 🤝 Feel free to follow me here, find me on Twitter @MarketingMeisha, and connect with me on LinkedIn @meisha_b for partnership and content opportunities. See you around!
Elizabeth Burnam Claimed
Content Marketing Manager, UX Research @ User Interviews
Lizzy (she/her) is a marketer, writer, and poet, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently, she creates educational resources for user researchers, research ops professionals, and other folks in the UX community on the User Interviews blog. She became a marketer by accident; after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing from a small college in Vermont, she applied to every job opportunity she could find with the word “writer” in the title. She cut her teeth on marketing as an agency copywriter, where she learned to approach content as an act of hospitality, shaped by a sense of empathy, generosity, and high regard for the audience. Since then, Lizzy’s written both freelance and in-house content for a wide range of industries, including technology, AI, retail, cosmetics, food and beverage, law, education, and most recently, UX research. Outside of work, Lizzy likes hiking, people-watching, thrift shopping, learning and sharing ideas. Her happiest memory is sitting on the shore of Lake Champlain in the summer of 2020, eating a clementine.
Alexa Parker Claimed
Entrepreneur | Founder/CEO | Crimson Park Digital
After nearly 10 years in the digital marketing and media space, I am a marketer driven by results, innovation and opportunity. As the owner and lead strategist of Crimson Park Digital, I bring my passion for performance to every client partnership, and apply targeted strategies backed by data and the human experience.
Ryan Law Claimed
VP of Content at Animalz - We're hiring! ✨
I’m a content marketer that’s worked with a whole heap of startups and enterprise companies, including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, ProfitWell and Hotjar. I’m currently Director of Marketing at the remote marketing agency Animalz. Before that, I co-founded a marketing agency, freelanced as a marketing consultant and copywriter, reviewed beers, designed t-shirts and tended bar.
Camela Thompson
VP of Marketing at CaliberMind
Camela Thompson is the Vice President of Marketing at CaliberMind, the leading B2B platform for revenue insights you can trust. Based in Seattle, Camela has spent 15+ years in Revenue Operations in the tech industry in successful startups such as Qumulo, Extrahop, and CDK Global (formerly Cobalt) before proving herself as a customer-first growth marketer. She is deeply familiar with the pain points that Ops teams face and is passionate about helping Ops professionals accelerate their careers. In addition, she hosts CaliberMinds' podcast, The Revenue Marketing Report, where she produces expert-fueled content devoted to helping B2B Marketers hone their craft. Previously, Camela ran her own consultancy where she specialized in creating customer-centric brand narratives. She also served as Chief Marketing Advisor for Shepard Search Partners, Expert Advisor at the RevOps Co-Op, and volunteers as a marketing coach for under-resourced entrepreneurs through Urban Impact Seattle.
Chelsea Castle Claimed
Director of Content Marketing at Chili Piper 🌶
Journalist turned empathy-driven marketer. Fervent writer, editor, strategist, and people leader who draws on multi-faceted experiences and journalistic roots in her entire approach to content. An approach that is, effectively, hyper-focused on empathy and the human element of all things. Follow for insights and musings about B2B, marketing, and organizational practices.
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