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Ethan Beute Claimed
Wall Street Journal bestseller: Human-Centered Communication 📖 Learn to break through ever-increasing digital noise and pollution, build trust and engagement, and grow reputation and revenue.
Goals: 👋🏾 To help you communicate, connect, and convert in a more personal and human way ☀️ To wake up every day excited to make things and to make things more effective 👪 To invest in my family 🌳 To be outside 💰 To require less, spend less, and give more 🌎 To leave things better than I found them Specialty Short List: 🎧 Podcast host - The Customer Experience Podcast. 🎓 Educator - content writer, producer, and editor; speaker and presenter. 📙 Author - Rehumanize Your Business (Wiley, 2019). 📒 Author - Human-Centered Communication (Fast Company Press, 2021). 🔬 Marketing strategist. Messaging specialist. Branding enthusiast. 🎯 Multi-channel and multi-media campaign builder. Specialty Longer List: Content creation | Collaborative participation | Teaching & training | Listening | Connecting goals to strategies to tactics | Short form promotional messaging | Speaking - particularly when well-versed and personally passionate about the topic | Writing - particularly with brevity and clarity | Quipping | Collecting, arranging, processing and editing words and images | Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop | Also, I've run TONS of email marketing to engage, educate, and nurture. Brief History: After a year of driving a full-sized school bus to two dozen cities (story in the Experience section of my profile), I spent a dozen years leading marketing teams inside local television stations in Grand Rapids (MI), Chicago, and Colorado Springs. As boredom with the work crept in, I earned an MBA and did project work for a variety of companies to explore interests and identify transferrable skills. In that process, I connected deeply with the team and mission of a bootstrapped software startup, BombBomb. When I joined BombBomb, we had fewer than 10 employees. Since then, we've enjoyed +2,000% growth in team size, +32,000% growth in customer size, and +52,000% growth in revenue. We're a team of 125 people (based in downtown Colorado Springs but also distributed) who are on a mission to rehumanize people who've been dehumanized by system or circumstance; we're funding the effort by helping people rehumanize their business communication with video email and video messages. I've now spent a decade helping people enjoy clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion by replacing some of their faceless, digital communication with simple, personal video messages in emails, text messages, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, and similar. I've sent more than 14,000 videos myself and co-authored two (and a half) books on the what, why, who, when, and how of this "relationships through video" movement. #CustomerExperience #HumanConnection #HumanCentered #SalesProcess #VideoTraining #VideoTips
Bryan Smith Claimed
That guy from LEON - Founder of HUMANS - Mental Health Tech Advisor
I'm an ex Wellness Professional/Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. At LEON, I'm responsible for the business development and employee ecosystem, putting our people and technology to work alongside small to large companies and the wellness marketplace to accelerate their corporate and social wellness efforts. Earlier I founded and led the operational side of AthleteList where I sourced and worked alongside athlete support providers (Ortho's, PT's, Sports Data Scientists etc.) in helping them access professional and recreational athletes alike. Previously, I was a Sports Science Consultant, leading Olympic Sports development in Track and Field. I successfully represented over 7 countries in the 2016 Rio Olympics, ranging from the USA, Jamaica, India, Ghana and the UK. I've spent way too much time in the fitness industry. From opening new locations and regions, consulting on cutting edge sports performance centers in Silicon Valley, to early stage franchise development . Earlier I attended Temple University where I learned a few things about exercise science and data science. I live in Philadelphia and have an office in NYC. Cheers!
Masooma Memon Claimed
Freelance writer for B2B SaaS and ecommerce brands | Avid reader | To-do list obsessed
The first time my writing ever got recognized was in third grade when I won a writing competition. From there on, my path was crystal clear. It was either writing that would be my future or making it to Mars. Literally. I didn’t make it to Mars though. Flash forward to my adult version and I’m a freelance writer who doesn’t like dog-eared books and prefers working in silence, adding life to boring topics. I work with folks interested in tapping into quality content to educate and engage with their audience. I pair storytelling and research with a pinch of emotion to write engaging long-form blog posts and articles covering productivity, digital marketing, and other important matters like customer experience and UX design. As a content writer, my focus doesn’t sway from: • Subtle keyword insertion in the content • Extensive research backing all claims made • Crisp writing minus the fluff and plagiarism To me, there is nothing as good as beautiful writing which is why my love for reading storybooks in a corner while the other kids played has evolved into a love for novels. Oh and before I drop the mic, I’ve one last thing to add: Hello and welcome to my world of words. How can I help you? Shoot me an email at [email protected]
Mark Huber
Director of Growth at
I purchased Metadata in 2020 as a Director of Demand Generation at Fast Radius. First-time customer too. The more I used it, the more I realized Metadata was building something special. And knew I wanted to be a part of it. So I joined Metadata in August of 2020 as the second full-time marketer. Now, I'm on the hook for making sure every B2B marketer who is held accountable to pipeline and revenue (aka the good ones) knows this category-defining tool exists.
Khushi Lunkad Claimed
Growth marketer
Hello, I'm Khushi! I work with companies to get their marketing messaging right and uncover ways to drive growth using data. The long but brief story: Great at academics and great at sports but found my passion in growth marketing. Spent countless hours taking courses online and tested out those skills at 10 companies, in different industry verticals. I took a sabbatical of 6 months to get ridiculously good at marketing. Unsurprisingly, I have a major in marketing and a degree in business. Short term goal is to be great at growth marketing. Long term goal is to start something of my own and put these kickass marketing skills to use. Outside of marketing (if that ever happens), I take active interest in animal welfare, tech startups, and Karate. My mom thinks I should get a hobby other than marketing and she's absolutely right.
Tim Page
Sr. Financial Analyst at High Alpha
Tracey Wallace
Marketing leader by way of content marketing & SEO. Passionate about ecommerce, education & the future of work
I’m a marketing generalist working most often with technology companies. I have deep expertise in content marketing, SEO, partner marketing, integrated marketing, lifecycle marketing, product marketing, brand marketing, community and social media marketing, and event marketing. Whew! That’s a lot. Here’s how I got here: I come to Marketing from a journalism background, working originally in the fashion and beauty space at ELLE and Time Out New York. I transitioned to reporting on the “intersection of technology and commerce” in 2014 with Mashable, interviewing Tristan Walker prior to his founding of Bevel and Joel Spolsky, the founder of StackExchange, among others. I moved into content marketing for technology companies from there — first at a big data / data rights company (where I received a cease and desist from Verizon after reporting on their poor data rights practices — took the article down only after they updated their website). Later, I joined BigCommerce, where I stayed for four and a half years, building their blog to more than 1 million sessions a month through organic search, managing a small but powerful content team that also produced white papers (more than 10k downloads per month), and put on the ecommerce industry’s first digital conference - The Make It Big conference featuring Steve Case, the founder of AOL, Pauline Brown, the former SVP at LVMH, and more. I also ran all partner content initiatives, helping partners including PayPal, Amazon, Square and more achieve wider audience viability and increase trust through out of the box content marketing programs that weren’t goaled only on number of emails collected — but instead on longevity of the content, engagement of the audience, and more. I then ventured into the DTC world as Head of Brand Marketing at Eterneva, helping them land on Shark Tank, having our early Pandemic Instagram Live series featured in the New York Times, building brand visability through influencer marketing, and working with our videographer to get the company to go viral on Tiktok. After a year and a half, though, I missed tech and found my way back via MarketerHire, where I lead marketing for all of our owned channels including brand marketing, product marketing, lifecycle marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. These days, you'll find me managing content marketing at Klaviyo, dedicated to making them the next great content marketing company in tech.
Alex Birkett Claimed
Growth & Experimentation Leader | Agency Co-Founder
I'm the co-founder of a content marketing agency called Omniscient Digital, and I run the experimentation / CRO program at Workato. I write mainly at
Kyle Lacy
Serving the marketing team at Seismic
The majority of my time is spent as husband to a beautiful wife and father to two little boys and a dog. Other fun facts: I love the color grey. I hate onions. I believe marketing should be responsible for generating revenue. I have an unhealthy obsession with my weighted blanket. B2B should copy B2C whenever possible. I have an abnormally large appetite for all things military history. I love the challenges of scaling revenue at high-growth, venture backed software companies. Chief Marketing Officer I serve the marketing team at Lessonly, a training and enablement software company based in Indianapolis, IN. The team consists of amazing designers, growth marketers, customer marketers, field marketers and inbound/outbound sales reps. I apply the lessons learned while working at a venture capital firm, an IPO, an acquisition by one of the largest software companies in the world to drive revenue at Lessonly. Published Author I'm the author of three books: Twitter Marketing for Dummies (Wiley, 2010), Branding Yourself (Pearson, 2011), and Social CRM for Dummies (Wiley, 2012). The following titles have been published in five languages and seven countries. Marketing and Digital Trends Speaker I've spent the last eight years traveling the world speaking at marketing and technology industry events on topics including: content marketing, collaborative consumption, consumer behavior, email marketing, technology trends, digital marketing strategy, demand generation, B2B marketing and social media management. Other I've also been recognized as one of Indiana’s Forty-under-40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal, Anderson University's Young Alumni of the Year and TechPoint's Young Professional of the Year.
Chae O'Brien Claimed
Strategy @ Thought Bakery
I help technology companies successfully launch new products by creating personalized customer experiences through effective go-to-market strategies.
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