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Interview with Shyam Ravishankar: Getting the most from Generative AI

Meet Shyam, and SEO and marketing expert, podcast host, event organizer, and more. Discover how Shyam uses generative AI to save time and create higher quality content.

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B2B vs B2C Deliverability

In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa discuss how the goals of B2B and B2C audiences differ, how to optimize deliverability to B2B email addresses and tailor your message to their needs, and why transparency with your audience matters.

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Why even the most traditional marketers need to act like DTC brands - even if the revenue is tiny

Next in Marketing spoke with Tracy Stallard, former Global VP at AB InBev, and now VP of marketing at the plant based food company Upfield about the value brands - even CPGs - can gain from testing selling products directly, even if that's not their core business. Stallard also talked about why the pricing disparity between linear TV and streaming is way out of whack, why the business finds itself in a 'currency scary world' and why she's advocating for an Attentive Reach metric in this year's upfront.

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Modern Day Marketer: Exploring the Decision to Rebrand from the CMO Perspective with Michael Londgren of Responsive

Michael Londgren, CMO at Responsive (formerly RFPIO) discusses the vision and process he went through with his team to rebrand the company.

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Episode 69: The Data-Driven Retail Transformation

In this episode, Brian is joined by Eric Best, Founder & CEO of SoundCommerce, a commerce data solution provider that helps brands realize profitable e-commerce business outcomes.

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