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The dark side of sales: Machiavellians, narcissists, and psychopaths

Most academic research focuses on the positive traits that allow salespeople to thrive, such as charisma, outgoingness, and beards (if you read our last newsletter, you'll know what we mean). But the latest science shows that those who possess this dark triad are particularly adept at meeting their quotas too. Keep in mind, these dark triad folks only make up a small percentage of the sales industry, (though there's a pretty good chance you might be able to think of someone who fits the bill).

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An interview with Nick Cegelski, host of 30 Minutes to President's Club

You love interviews, and we love you, so we reached out to Nick Cegelski, host of the fast-growing podcast, 30 Minutes to President's Club, to interview him about how and why he launched the series, what he's gotten wrong, and what advice he'd give to anyone just starting out. You can subscribe to Nick's show here.

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Why Social Messaging is the Future of Customer Experience

Experts from Sprout Social and Zendesk share insights on integrating social messaging into your customer experience strategies.

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Storytelling in Sales: Becoming the Trusted Guide

There are three elements needed in every message that sellers send to prospects to tell a compelling story. Properly aligning the value proposition of your product or service to include the roles of Heroes, Villains, and Guides will help you create great stories. These stories can help you connect with a prospective customer at an emotional level.

With that out of the way, it's finally time to talk about where sales reps fall into buyer success stories... as the trusted Guide.

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The Juice Launches Category Pages, Powered by G2, to Help Buyers Make Better and More Informed Decisions

The Juice Launches Category Pages, Powered by G2, to Help Buyers Make Better and More Informed Decisions.