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Keap Claimed Keap
Lifecycle Automation: Increase Sales Without Increasing Marketing $$$

If you want to increase sales in your small business, you can spend more money on marketing, or you can plug the gaps in your customer lifecycle to increase sales (without spending a penny more on advertising). The key is Lifecycle Automation (formerly known as Lifecycle Marketing), a proven growth framework created by Keap after working with thousands of small businesses for over 20 years.

HubSpot Hacks Claimed HubSpot Hacks
How to Use HubSpot Presets

Using presets inside of HubSpot gives super admins the ability to set the default preferences for all the users in their accounts. In this video, we're going...

Why Every Company Should Act Like a Media Company - Marketingland 2023 Keynote

Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek, and Becca Sherman, Co-founder and COO of Workweek, take the stage at Marketingland 2023 to share their expertise on companies acting like media companies and how your brand can do the same.

🎥 Future-Proof Your Marketing: Key Social Media Trends and Strategies from Jack Appleby

In this video, Jack Appleby, the brain behind the Future Social newsletter, gives a masterclass on the trajectory of social media and its role in modern marketing. Ditch the guesswork and get schooled on the strategic marketing plays that will set your brand apart. You'll learn: 🎯 The definitive social media trends reshaping marketing 🛠 Practical strategies for impactful social media presence 🚀 Tips for leveraging social growth for tangible busines...

agorapulse Claimed agorapulse
4 AI audio tools that will blow your mind 🤯

AI tools are becoming the new normal in the workflows of content producers in 2023. In this video, Nathaniel Harper shares four of his top tools for audio creation and enhancement using artificial intelligence.