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Our 100 Powerful Women in Sales List for 2023

Demandbase partners with Women in Sales to bring you a list of 100 powerful sales pros in 2023. Check it out to see who made the list!

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How to Identify and Target Retail Audiences on Social Media

As retailers, we know that segmenting audiences works. We group similar items together in our stores alongside other items that would be of interest to the same shoppers. For some reason, when it comes to social media all too often, we think too broadly about our planned activities and strategies. We assume that everyone on social media at that very moment is a potential customer. Why is audience identification and targeting so important on social media? And how can we get started as social media and community managers? That's exactly what Chiara Gianelli is going to talk to us about

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Roundtable: Leveraging First-Party Data In Content Strategy to Tell Better Brand Stories With The Juice, Wynter, & Justuno

Curious how you can use data to champion how your product exists in the real world? Listen into the first-ever roundtable of the show. Hear from Jonathan Gandolf, Founder & CEO of The Juice, Kathryn Browning, Marketing Director at Justuno, and Karl-Christofer Veske, Marketing Specialist at Wynter, as they discuss how to use first-party data storytelling.

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Demandwell Demandwell
Exit Five Live - How B2B Marketers Are Driving Growth in a Down Economy

Watch this webinar to learn How B2B Marketers Are Driving Growth in a Down Economy

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Exploring ARR per Employee, with Kyle Poyar

Is your business struggling to boost revenue per employee?
AI automation could be the key to unlocking your team's full potential and skyrocketing your bottom line. 🚀💰

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