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How to Troubleshoot Multi-Touch Attribution

When organizations implement multi-touch attribution, there are often questions to answer and issues to address. You might turn it on and then discover inconsistencies and all of a sudden your data is now seen as unreliable and the confidence you have built among other departments and stakeholders is now out the window. Don't panic. Typically when you hear someone say the data is broken, it means they don't trust the data. Still, most of the time, you are either missing something in your model or you're over-counting something like email sends. It's so easy to want to put all the touchpoints in there, but for something to actually get revenue association, there has to be some sort of meaningfulness to the touchpoint, some sort of inbound response.

12 Laws of Effective Cold Outreach to Boost Your Reply Rates [Reply Masterclass]

Cold outreach doesn't forgive mistakes. The law of the jungle is that you either break through the noise or get left out in the cold (or worse – flagged for spam 😱).
Vlad Oleksiienko, our VP of Growth (formerly – the SDR Lead) will be sharing his best practices for sending cold emails that get replies, from list building to follow-ups.

Responsive Claimed Responsive
4 Steps to Becoming a Top-Performing Proposal Team

Watch Ed Callan – founder and CEO of Callan Consulting and Brett Chalmers - director of website and content marketing at Responsive (formerly RFPIO) - as they reveal Callan Consulting's findings and the four steps you can take to ensure your team is at the top of its proposal game.

GA4 is coming: Choosing the right analytics tool

With GA4 coming in 2023, you might be wondering how this transition will affect you and your business. Join this webinar for insights on everything you can expect from GA4-and how Siteimprove can help.

Cold Email Deep Dive

Join us for the Cold Email Deep Dive to learn the secrets of crafting irresistible outreach emails. With trending tactics, data-backed insights, and real-life examples from top sales professionals, this is the perfect opportunity to take your cold emailing skills to the next level.