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How Guru Changed The Way I View Employee Onboarding

This may sound shocking, but employee onboarding doesn't have to be hard. Here's what one new employee has to say about Guru's own onboarding process.

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Caterpillar Success Story | Modus

Caterpillar streamlines lead generation, improves lead quality and delivers leads to dealers 300% faster. Its mobile sales app is used by 12,000 reps.

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Build a Brand Ambassador Program for Your Business

Discover the benefits of brand ambassadors & learn how they can improve your business marketing strategy. See tips to help build a brand ambassador program.

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RevGenius Claimed RevGenius
Marketing Strategies That Don't Scale: The Dark Funnel Case Study

This article will talk about what the dark funnel is, its purpose, and why you should do things that won't scale. We will also take a look at how to apply the dark funnel to your business and some examples of things that won't scale well and are worth doing anyway.

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