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Annual Planning for Startups: Identify Gaps, Decrease Churn, and Maximize Opportunities

Our Annual Planning Ebook is the ultimate playbook for your team. It provides insights and actionable next steps for annual planning, helping you to identify gaps, decrease churn, and maximize opportunities. Whether you work in pre-sales, sales, marketing, revenue operations or customer success, this ebook will provide you with the tools and resources you need to create and follow an annual plan that tracks progress with data-driven insights.

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Easy and Actionable Account-Based Marketing

Implementing Account-Based Marketing can be fast, easy, and actionable. The strategies and tactics in this guide help align sales and marketing teams to effectively drive results that matter; including reduced advertising costs and increased ROI, deal sizes, and pipeline velocity.

Your detailed guide to successful contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementation  

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is known for streamlining processes and increasing efficiency, but very few organizations are capitalizing on CLM's full potential in the revenue lifecycle. By digitizing contracts on a single, organization-wide platform, companies can gain end-to-end visibility into every contract.

While implementing a new system may seem overwhelming, the right support and expertise can ease any new-tech stresses for a smooth and valuable transition. As you plan for your CLM implementation with Conga, use this guide as a resource to align your team and ensure success.  

Social Media Surthrival Guide for Enterprises 2023

Is your social media marketing strategy built to adapt to constant change? Our in-house professionals and knowledgeable partners guide you through five steps to reach your goals despite economic headwinds. Learn to optimize the resources at your disposal with this eBook!

The Economic Impact of Reprise 2023

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